When I got to know the Super 7 (in 2000), everything was like paradise: There were a handful of different, legal Caterham variants available in Switzerland (new or second hand) and, with the help of Kumschick, you could even build one on your own. This year (2010) I learned that there is not a single Caterham variant with European type approval (EURO5)! The Westfield Sport with the 1.4 litre Turbo engine (out of the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa) is the last option to buy something new. And it will be built by Westfield UK at their factory.

If you are interested in second hand cars, keep these options in mind:

  • Track oriented Caterham: There are some looked after Caterham VVC or HPC around. If it fits your budget: buy! Get the best compromise between lots of power, low weight, track orientation and reliability. And the registration dates before 1991 give you a lot of room for improving modifications.
  • Easy rider: Cruising and travelling around is the domain of the bigger Caterham CSR, SV or Turbo variants. The CSRs and SVs are wider and longer than all classic Caterhams and help with some extra luggage space.
  • Style and noise - the Classics: With registration dates before 1980, you kind of have the freedom to modify and surely get the noise! Choose carefully but don't give up: There are are some good old classics around, if you want the Original.
  • Superlights: There are some original or re-engineered Superlights around (R300, R400 or even R500). Make sure that there is no problem with street homologation. But if you have the patience (and money), one of these road legal race cars will give you the time of your life!