Why are you interested in the Caterham Super 7? The answer to this and some other questions can help you to find the Caterham of your dreams. And pershaps, you realise that you'll have more fun with a tin roof, such as a Porsche or one of the many other, nice, Caterhams-will-eat-them-for-breakfast sportscars.

So let's find some answers and thus, which Caterham bloke you are most: the classic, the maverick, the adventurer, the racer or the tin roofie? And for those who don't want to be categorized: most Caterham drivers are made of several types. But the more you relate to one of these chaps, the easier it is to find the Caterham which suits you most.

You could ask yourself:

  • Do you want to own the one and only successor of the famous Lotus Super 7? Do you want to take part in classical rallyes and meetings? Do you love flared wings, chrome and the rattling sound of carburettors? Do you like simple technology or even want to refurbish your 7? If so, then an older Caterham or Lotus Super 7 is the car of your choice!
  • Do you hate Porsches because everyone drives one? Do you avoid clubs or people in general? Do you think that only dead fish go with the flow and that taking action is better than talking? Do you like the small number of 7s around and it's strange appearance? If you don't need to ask for help and perhaps think, questions like these are stupid, then you most probably don't need my advice ;-) But I truly do understand why you joined the Caterham experience.
  • Do you love to drive off heading south, or north, or east, or west, but without any particular destination? Do you spend your holidays traveling around europe or even further? Do you like the noise, the danger and the unexpected? Do you know your car and know how to fix it if it's broken? Don't hesitate to choose a Super 7 as tool of your choice! My Caterham HPC with the 2 litre Opel/Vauxhall engine is as reliable as a sportscar can be.
  • Do you know what R400 means and what the advantages of a lower car weight are? Do you want to tease motorbikes on twisty roads and embarrass 911s on the race track? Would you drive with a helmet and without the windscreen just for the sake of lower weight and better aerodynamics? Are you willing to fettle with tyre pressure, camber and different anti-roll bars? The Caterham Super 7 really is a race car with numberplates. And if you are willing to: Most of them can be converted to superlight specification for optimal track performance.
  • Do you need your hi-fi stereo in your car and rather arrive in comfort after a long journey? Do you care very much about safety equipment and like the state of the art e-gadgets? Do you hardly get excited below 200Km/h or want to drive your car all year long? Do you often need to move your family or lots of things with your car? Read on at the tin roofie section.

If you can't agree with either of them but still feel the necessity to own a Caterham, please write me about your reasons. I'll help with knowledge or contacts.